An Interview with Ellie: Scratch 4 OpenSim


This year, our Year 9 Robotics elective has undergone some significant changes.  For the first time, we are using OpenSim plus Scratch 4 OpenSim.  Students create their own 3D virtual object then create scripts to apply actions, movement, etc… You can learn more about this project from our previous post with Captain Rob Otics 🙂 as well as our post featuring a tutorial about using Scratch 4 OpenSim.

We’ve invited one of our students, Ellie, to be interviewed about her participation in our Robotics Project.  Here’s what Ellie had to say…

Ellie, you’ve created an amazing spiral staircase design!  Where did you get the inspiration for your design?

I thought about LEGO and the Harry Potter Castle. The spiral staircase is an amazing design, and I added my own twist to it, putting it in a transparent cylinder so that avatars don’t fall out and other avatars can see through.

How did you use Scratch 4 OpenSim in your design?

I used the Scratch 4 OpenSim software to change the colours of the stairs.  When an avatar stepped on a step, it would change colour.

This has been your first experience using OpenSim, what have you learnt?

I have learnt so much from this first experience!  There is only a little to learn before you are creating complicated designs and attaching scripts from Scratch 4 OpenSim.  I feel confident enough with the program now to create just about anything.  The only thing that I need is time to do it!

Ellie, thank you for participating in our Robotics Project and congratulations on your fabulous work!


Using Scratch 4 OpenSim

We’re excited to welcome our Year 9 Robotics Students to Begonia Island as part of a new project, the Robotics Research Laboratory.  Students will be using OpenSim to create their 3D objects, then Scratch 4 OpenSim to program them.  The tutorial below outlines the steps involved to create a simple 3D object and transfer the Scratch 4 OpenSim content across to OpenSim.

Other useful links:
Download Scratch 4 OpenSim
Download the lineSegment Script (You will need to save this text file and use the code to create your own lineSegment Script in OpenSim.  You will need to add this Script to every programmable object along with your own Scratch 4 OpenSim Script.)

Good luck to our new Begonia Island residents and we look forward to seeing the results of your research work! 🙂

A Great Way to Finish 2010!

After six weeks of preparations, The Ed Tech Crew delivered a fabulous inworld event on Friday 17th December!  Students from our Virtual Worlds Project Team had been working hard to complete their favourite OpenSim 3D objects as well as assisting with building the set for the event.  Our good friends at The Hewitt School (New York), MacICT (Sydney) and Northern Beaches Christian School (Sydney) sent us screen shots for our inworld display, showing just some of the wonderful virtual worlds student work from their schools.


Although we had some technical difficulties just prior to the event, our “Plan B” was put into action and this, together with the incredible professionalism of The Ed Tech Crew hosts, Tony Richards and Darrel Branson, resulted in a great inworld event!

The event was recorded and streamed live by John Wilson from onlinevents.  We would like to extend our sincere thanks to John for doing such an incredible job.  When we first discussed ways to record and stream the event, we felt that this was something that was best left to the professionals and onlinevents certainly delivered!

Thank you to everyone who was involved:
The Ed Tech Crew – Tony Richards and Darrel Branson
John Wilson from onlinevents
Our Virtual Worlds Project Team
The students from The Hewitt School (New York), MacICT (Sydney) and Northern Beaches Christian School (Sydney)
Special Guests – Steve Collis (Northern Beaches Christian School) and Dean Groom (Macquarie University)

You can visit The Ed Tech Crew site to download the audio and view the show notes.  For the next few months, you can view the video of the inworld event on the onlinevents site.  If you would like to visit The Ed Tech Crew set, join us on Begonia Gardens on ReactionGrid.  The movie below will show you how to access our public OpenSim space and also take you on a tour of the set.

Thanks again to everyone involved and a very Merry Christmas to you!

Begonia Gardens Welcomes The Ed Tech Crew!


Well, we’re almost there!  On Friday 17th December, we will be welcoming The Ed Tech Crew to Begonia Gardens, our public OpenSim space hosted by the team at ReactionGrid.

Tony and Darrel will host a “Christmas Special” that will be broadcast live by the wonderful John Wilson from Onlinevents.

Apart from their “Christmas Wrap Up”,  Tony and Darrel will also chat to one of our students who is a member of our school’s Virtual Worlds Project Team.

A special Ed Tech Crew set has been built on Begonia Gardens and will feature work from students around the world.
We have everything from Christmas angels to the Parthenon to a Virtual Worlds Carnival!  Very special thanks to the wonderful educators who have contributed to the display.

How can you be part of  The Ed Tech Crew Christmas Special?

The event will take place on Friday 17th December from 9:00 – 10:00am (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time). Please click here for information regarding other time zones.
Click here to view the live stream.  Viewers will also have the ability to participate in the event via the chat facility on the live stream page.

We look forward to seeing you there!